How To Clean Kennels And Vet Clinics Safely Without Chemicals

Boarding kennels are built to provide a safe and comfortable second home for dogs. Vets and owners should provide a safe and healthy environment by keeping its facility clean. Kennels including corridors, common areas and kitchens must be kept clean and free from dirt and dust so that disease control is maintained. Therefore, there is a need for a regular cleaning and disinfecting to control bacteria, viruses and parasites transmission.

In cleaning, great care should be taken especially when disinfecting kennels and vet surfaces. Others still using chemical-based cleaners, which can be dangerous to users and dogs as well because of the residue it may leave behind after cleaning. Chemical-based cleaners cannot penetrate cracks and crevices where germs, molds and mildew live and breed. Furthermore, chemical-based cleaners are not capable enough for deep cleaning kennels.

The Safer and Healthier Way to Clean and Disinfect

Vapor steam cleaner is one best solution to use for cleaning and disinfecting boarding kennels and vet clinics safely rather than using chemical-based cleaners. This is the effective cleaning system that should be practice for such facility to prevent and control the spread of infectious and contagious disease and parasites amongst the dogs, staff and visitors.

Contamination will be successfully controlled with the use of Tecnovap vapor steam cleaner, which are equipped with anti-bacterial properties that eliminate and kill 99 percent of unwanted microorganisms. An ordinary tap water converted into a dry vapor steam with the help of its different tools, steam cleaner is capable of reaching germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew in the smallest cracks and crevices where chemical-based cleaners cannot reach because most of these chemical-based cleaners are only effective on the surfaces we can see.

Tecnovap vapor steam cleaners are pet friendly too. No chemicals are use means no residue left behind that can harm pets. Steam cleaners clean efficiently in a short period of time and with minimal effort thus a very cost-effective way of cleaning. They are also capable of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing many other surfaces at boarding kennel; eliminate bed bugs, fleas, flea larvae, bacteria, germs, viruses, mold and mildew and allergens.

For creating a safe and healthy kennels and vet clinics, Tecnovap steam cleaner like JetSteam Pro offers a much better, natural and complete cleaning solution than those chemical-based cleaners can offer.

For more product details, visit Tecnovap – has been steam cleaning experts since 1992, a leading supplier of high quality and effective commercial and industrial steam cleaner and steam vacuum, the cleaning solutions for all surfaces. Distributed Australia and New Zealand wide.

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